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Several centuries ago there was a monastery in Montefranco, Italy, which safeguarded the Vatican's best wines, the ones that were only used for royal or aristocratic occasions. The monks of Montefranco developed great expertise in identifying varieties and qualities. We pay tribute to that story, making now in Chile this unique wine that has all the passion, quality and hard work that made the wine collection of Montefranco world-famous.

Montefranco, Italy


MONTEFRANCO RESERVA Cabernet Sauvignon &  Carmenere 2019 13,5% 

10 - 14-Year-old vines from the Maipo Valley. Clay loam soil from this valley is world-renowned for producing fine red wines from varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carmenère. The warm, dry days alternate with cold nights from the Andes Mountain base, making for complex, well-balanced wines. This fertile and beautiful valley has magnificent conditions for obtaining high-quality wines.

MONTEFRANCO GRAN RESERVA Cabernet Sauvignon &  Carmenere 2018 14% 

18-25 Year-old vines in clay loam soil. The Maipo Valley is world-renowned for producing some of Chile’s finest and most elegant red wines, like our Montefranco Etiqueta Negra line. The warm days of summer are followed by cool nights. Old vines, planted on slopes with rocky soils, provide the ideal conditions for producing the best red wines of the last 500 years.

Montefranco_Carmenere (1).png

MONTEFRANCO Costero Sauvignon Blanc 2021 13% 


The Costero Grapes come from the Casablanca Valley from one of the coldest parts. The Sauvignon Blanc are planted on loam Sandy floors. We harvest and average of  8,5 tons per hectare during night periods and while having dry conditions.



Bodegas Montefranco produces its wines just 100 km south of Santiago, near the main highways in an area called Requinoa. At the foothills of the scenery Los Andes range, this colonial architecture cellar has a capacity of 36,000 hL in stainless steel, fully equipped with high-speed bottling and labeling lines, automated winemaking processes, and temperature and humidity control to ensure our products will meet the highest standards

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